175 parks are going to be removed from the Alberta Parks system.

Defend Alberta Parks

The Alberta government is planning to close 20 parks and remove 164 from the Alberta Parks system. A total of 175 parks will lose protection and Albertans could lose access.

Help us defend Alberta parks.

37% of parks in Alberta will be impacted
164 parks will have their protected area status removed
20 parks will be partially or completely closed

7 out of 10
Albertans oppose these changes 

4,493 campsites
could no longer be available

Get a lawn sign

Lawn signs now available in Calgary and Edmonton.

With more volunteers and funds, lawn sign delivery will be expanded to more communities in Alberta.

We’ll lose recreation opportunities

With fewer camping sites and recreation areas, these changes will make it more difficult for Albertans and visitors to safely and responsiby enjoy the parks.

A decision without public input

Albertans were not consulted about these changes, and there was no information on how parks were selected to be removed from the system.

No evidence of cost savings

Alberta’s parks and campgrounds are busier than ever, and there is no evidence that removing parks will save the province any money.

We need more parks, not fewer

The removal of parks will make it difficult to achieve Canada’s commitment to protecting 17% of land and freshwater by the end of 2020. And then even more difficult to protect 25% by 2025.

We need more parks to Make Room for Nature.

These changes are not yet final

The Alberta government has not yet finalized the closures and removals of these parks, but a decision is expected at any time.

Any change will be difficult to reverse

If these parks are removed from the Alberta Parks system, it will be almost impossibleto reverse. Now’s the time to defend parks for all Albertans.

Help us defend Alberta’s parks

We need your help. Join tens of thousands of Albertans that have already spoken up against these changes. 

1. Write your MLA

Tell your MLA that Alberta Parks are important to you and should not be removed.

2. Get a Lawn Sign

Lawn signs now available in Calgary.

3. Donate

Help us get more letters, signs and more.

4. Volunteer

Deliver lawn signs and brochures in your own community.

5. Tell a neighbour

Spread the word and share Defend Alberta Parks.

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